Why is mathematics very crucial in today`s world

Why is mathematics very crucial in today`s world

The progression, maintenance, and competitiveness of any county’s economic status largely depend on the populace expertise in the technological field and innovation aptitude. The expertise in these scientific disciplines is determined by the competence in mathematics skills. Mathematics skills play a significant role in stimulating cognitive development by fostering creativity, stimulating curiosity and equipping individuals with pertinent skills to realize assorted goals in life. However, learning mathematic can be hard to some children owing to the complexity of some math terminologies, language and the mode of teaching. Children, especially in the early stages of development need good support parent, teachers and the embracement of the new ICT technology to develop competent in math skills.

Knock down the Myth around math

Explore the new technological advancement and ideas on mathematics learning that can transform learners’ experiences with math and the development of confident in solving different math problems. With the intensification of the public pressure and attention on the value and importance of high-quality education, the AJT has come up with an ideal solution that is effective for teachers, parent, and children regarding math pedagogy.

The AJT website

The AJT is an advanced website that you can access with your mobile, tablets or your computer at your own comfort. So, if you are a school teacher or child tutor preparing to implement new math skill to improve their cognitive ability, a parent who wanting to give his/her child the best math start in life, or a student with a passion for achieving the best and advance in math , this web is really the best for you. All the sessions in the web are quite interactive, interesting, and include various intensive thinking tasks to promote positive thinking attitude towards mathematics.

How do we achieve this?

Introducing math terminology to children

At our website children get to learn different math concepts and terminologies that serve to make the elementary math class much easier and gain the basic ideas of math language and practice.

Get a sense of number

Number sense is very crucial in the understanding and appreciation of math among the children. Therefore, the AJT has developed new techniques of making math learning more interesting by developing new techniques of number presentation to children with and aim of cultivating for an advanced math understanding and application. By registering to the web, children will get insightful pictorial images that are intimately connected to the symbolic arithmetic system of numbers.

Visual math presentation

To initiate remembrance of the different math concepts our website is designed to bring a connection between numbers, items, and pictures. How is this possible? The site contains some video presentation as well as other visual images that help the teachers and parents in explaining some math concept that might appear complex for a verbal lesson. The AJT web hence, helps children get a deeper understanding of math skills by creating a connection between math and real world situations.

Self-test questions

As a parent or a teacher, think about the confident that your children will gain by engaging in self-test questions. Our model of questioning is quite unique since the children will get to assess their competent in a more practical manner. The student will gain more confidence in mathematics and ability to reflect more on the math questions at personal level.

How to get all these benefits

Just click on ajtlearning.com and press on the register button to proceed with the registration.

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