7 Tips Of Online Learning for Teachers

With the shutdown of schools at the end of the last year, and as they remain closed throughout the current semester, teachers are becoming more acclimated to online learning. However, there is always room for additional growth and improvement to ensure that students stay engaged.

Here are seven tips for teachers to make the most of online learning:

Online Learning Tip #1: Increase Communication:

Students like to feel heard. They want quick responses and an easy means of communication. Making sure that virtual communication is accessible to students reinforces a positive learning experience. Try using a variety of ways to communicate, such as through video conferencing, real-time connections, and discussion boards.

Online Learning Tip #2: Keep it Simple:

While younger students are online learning, it can be challenging to keep their attention. Simplifying the course content as much as possible can keep them more engaged and focused.

Further, making learning material and course work easy to understand and readily available can allow for simpler, smoother online learning.

Online Learning Tip #3: Face-to-Face Screen Time:

Reaching children through face-to-face screen time can boost student participation and increase learning retention. Connecting in real-time can further foster better relationships and add to students’ satisfaction.

For best results, make sure to include back and forth interactions between students, asking questions, and encouraging discussion.

Online Learning Tip #4: Establish Clear Goals:

The clearer your goals are for students, the more likely they will succeed in the online classroom.

Lessons should be easy for children to follow along with and should include straightforward directions.

Follow up with reminders and conduct frequent check-ins to improve students’ performance.


Online Learning Tip #5: Show Positivity:

Online learning is a big change for most children. Through enthusiasm, positive reinforcements, and a friendly and open online atmosphere, teachers can make the best of virtual learning.

Encouragement can work wonders and can make younger students more excited to learn through online formats.

Make Time for Fun:

Online learning shouldn’t be monotonous and dull. Spice up your online learning environment by adding some entertainment for students. Try a ‘theme’ day, and have students dress up as their favorite movie characters for an online, face-to-face session.  Conduct an online ‘show and tell’ for added enjoyment and to facilitate connections and communication between the class.

Online Learning Tip #7: Link to Online Learning Tools:


Utilizing alternative online learning tools can be great for engagement and mastery of course content. Tons of websites offer educational tools to facilitate higher success rates in the digital classroom.

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Advisory Message: Stay safe at home to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Together we can fight and overcome this pandemic period.