Struggle for Online Learning and its Solution

What is the Struggle for Online Learning and its Solution? Online learning seems to be a hurdle for the student nowadays. No doubt, online learning has its benefits. It also makes students lethargic. Many of the students may fail to concentrate on the online lecture. Those students who used to ask questions in the class and always show a thirst for more knowledge, they are going through a major crisis.

During online learning, they are required to write a long email of all their queries then wait for the teacher to be available during their office hour. Students are also habitual of taking lectures in the classroom, where they use to interact with their friends. Students’ isolation in the house makes things boring for them. The part of teachers plays a very important role in guiding students.

Many students are not successful with online learning because they are not supervised. As in schools, they went through uniformity, disciplined, and independence. Therefore, during online learning, most parents are sitting with their children. They both have no idea that what’s exactly going on. They have a screen in front of them. During online learning, students are outside of the reach of the teacher. They are not considering it as a class.

Maintain Daily Timetable:

The other problem through which many students went through is that they are unable to maintain their schedule. At schools, teachers provide worksheets and homework to the students, which they can easily do. But during online learning. Maintaining a timetable and paying attention to the online classes might be a difficult task.


The other challenge that many students face is a lack of awareness. They are not sure about the fact of how important their learning. Students don’t take online learning more seriously. They always compare it with the traditional learning style. That’s why they don’t pay concentration to online learning.


The sole solution to this problem is to maintain a strict schedule and follow it with the proper timeline, with proper guidance.

The promotion of online learning is very important. People need to get to know how it will be beneficial for them. Teachers need to guide the students about the use of technology. The effective ways are blogs, videos, funny clips, and anything that attracts audience attention.

Communication is also very crucial. Teachers and parents are asked to show online learning advantages. Then students will learn that Online learning also is the same as traditional learning. So they don’t feel any hesitation in taking online learning.

Struggle for Online Learning and its Solution

Learn Course Content:

The other struggle students face is not know of the course. Because they are not paying attention during online learning, they might not take it seriously and find it just fun. One of the major drawbacks of online learning is that it makes the student independent, and they don’t pay attention to the online lectures. They become demotivated as they are not getting good feedback. They don’t take any interest and don’t know the outline of the course. They are just following the blind edge.


The solution to this problem is to make teachers very strict towards Online learning. They need to keep a check on the student’s performance. The School faculty need to follow the whole student’s performance task; teachers make sure the attendance. They need to make that compulsory. And anything that can ignite the spark in the student. Teachers need to do that and motivate the students to take online classes; it will help them.


Online learning at home may not be effective due to a lot of distractions; however, without the structure of a conventional study hall. Web-based learning can likewise be testing and actuate interruptions. Top interruptions for understudies incorporate web-based media, messaging, TV, and family, which can pull one’s consideration away from the job needing to be done and lessen efficiency.


Parents needed to give a separate room to the kids. That room is especially used for the studies. The study area and play area must be different. So, kids might be aware of the fact that the restricted area is for study and online learning. Teachers also instruct students and parents. Distraction is the sole cause of not attending online classes more properly.

Technical issues during online learning:

At the point when confronted with this test, keep it basic. Pick online courses that don’t need a lot of inner memory. A fast Internet association, and with strong and basic content. Offer need to courses where you don’t need to download any projects or print out archives. At the point when you take the preparation before your understudies, focus on the sound quality (an issue that is regularly ignored) and make certain to evaluate the seminar on a few cell phones, programs, and working frameworks.


Suppose the online course has a talk administration, email address, or gathering for figuring out specialized glitches. You can be sure that innovation won’t be an issue and won’t hinder the learning cycle.

Struggle for Online Learning and its Solution

Lack of Motivation:

In some cases, e-learning can defeat the entirety of the above issues. The understudies got to the preparation stage; they didn’t experience any specialized issues; they finished the course inside the cutoff time and had the option to rehearse what they realized.

Be that as it may, what effect did the preparation have on your association? Did it improve your organization’s human resources? Do you have results you can show to your bosses? Numerous e-learning ventures fall flat for the basic explanation that they didn’t affect the association generally speaking.


The ideal approach to tackle this issue is to design prior to dispatching the preparation. You should be clear about your learning objectives and why you need your understudies to take this specific online course. Interestingly, the preparation is lined up with the interests of your organization or foundation. Thusly, you ought to pick materials that will really add to the association’s overall objectives.


Set normal available time and give insights about accessibility and strategies for contact. Remind understudies that questions are consistently welcome and that you are accessible to talk about their work. Urge them to tell you when things are not working out in a good way or if extra time or facilities are required.

At the point when understudies reach you, react when you are capable, in light of the fact that was leaving them “hanging” is debilitating. On the off chance that you will be away, told understudies who will help them during your nonattendance.

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