5 Online Learning Tips to Keep Parents Sane During the Pandemic

With the continued spread of COVID-19 and many schools still shut down, educating at home can feel overwhelming. We understand. Many parents have had to quickly adapt to online learning environments while also working from home and trying to keep their families safe and healthy. As you try to keep your children on task and growing in their education, refer to these online learning tips that can help you balance the everyday ‘new normal’ life:

Online Learning Tip #1: Dedicate a Space Free of Distractions:

Establishing a quiet, clutter-free environment for your children can be a tremendous help in keeping them focused while online learning. Ensuring all materials and utensils are available and close at hand will reduce the temptation for them to get up while they’re supposed to be studying. The area should be comfortable, but not too relaxing, to keep them fully engaged.

Removing any distractions will also enable them to stay on course. This includes turning off the TV and tucking away any unneeded devices and toys. Most importantly, make sure the environment is conducive to their personality and learning type. Some children are able to focus their attention better than others, for example. Take note of these distinctions, and make sure you devote an area for study that will allow your child to succeed in their online learning.

5 Online Learning Tips to Keep Parents Sane During the Pandemic

Online Learning Tip #2: Follow a Set Schedule:

As humans, our minds and bodies flourish with a set routine. Children are the same and will adapt and better accommodate online learning when they have a set schedule to follow every day. A daily routine with to-do items can further ensure productivity and will create expectations that children begin to thrive of off over time. Following a schedule also keeps them organized, more content, and better prepared for post-pandemic life.

Online Learning Tip #3: Plan Breaks for Downtime and Exercise:

Scheduling the day with planned breaks can help your children with online learning and keeps them motivated throughout the day. A planned break gives them something to look forward to while they study.

Scheduling times for exercise is also a great tactic to boost motivation and productivity. Exercise can increase brain activity, aid memory, and boost cognitive function. A short walk around the block or time playing outside can improve mood, elevate energy, decrease stress levels, and reduce anxiety.

Online Learning Tip #4: Keep a Positive Outlook:

As life as we know it has flipped upside down, it’s more important than ever to teach children to have a positive mindset. Providing reinforcement, positive feedback, and encouragement can increase their enthusiasm throughout the online learning process.

Online Learning Tip #5: Utilize Supplementary Learning Tools:

Many beneficial learning tools are available online to support children and parents with at-home learning. AJT Learning provides extra help in math, English, and science to ensure children don’t fall behind while learning from home. With practice exams, problem-solving, and fun quizzes, AJT Learning can be a great supplementary tool for your child’s education.

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Advisory Message: Stay safe at home to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Together we can fight and overcome this pandemic period.