For schools

We offer schools special discount price.

By joining us, pupils and teachers can access our system and earn great benefits.

AJT offers members unlimited access to all levels for each subject. Pupils can practice them in advance even if it is not their current level of studying year.
Practice make perfect. We provide thousands of practical questions for pupils with efficient solutions. They can access them with unlimited number of times until they mastered them all.
Just by reading or memberising is not enough in this educational world. AJT provides a working space for students, so that pupils can write down the solutions just like in a real test or exam for them to get familiarise in the steps.
If you do have a computer or laptop, not to worry. AJT Learning is a web-based learning portal, so you can access it in any device as long as it has an internet brower and an internet connection.
AJT understands what a student needs and how it can help to improve its teaching and learning. Using our well-designed volume series, students can gather and share information where they may be struggling and in which area they can put in more effort to improve and progress. Comprehensive assessment helps students learn and succeed in school.
One of the great advantage of using our online learning system is that, pupils will be able to learn it in such a way just like how they learn in school. They will learn to solve a problem in the most effectient and smart way.
AJT willl be releasing new series for each level from time to time. Members will be able to access all of them without any restrictions.
AJT team prepare questions for students of all levels and strength. Students will be tested from standard questions to some of the very challenging problems. This is to enhance their learning skills and make them built confident in themselves to get prepared.