E-learning for Parents

E learning for parents

Do you want to know what is E-learning for parents? Online learning is the new educational approach that has settled in the last decade, thanks to the quick advancement of technology. This year, this model has grown exponentially as a consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak. This way of learning became the only way of study in people’s life. This pandemic has forced institutions of all levels and companies to remote working, accelerating the digital hype.


Children don’t escape from this new modality! Many school districts started the academic year virtually, at least for the fall semester. As schools are considering reopening, both kids and parents are facing an adapting process as many are the changes brought by this new normality. Often, parents take on the role of teachers in online learning modalities, and their participation has a considerable impact on children’s academic achievement.

E-learning for Parents
To make the best of this situation, we’re going to give you some tips to help your child adapt to online learning and make his/her virtual school year successful!

1 – Time-Management tips:

Good time-management is, perhaps, the key to good e-learning performance at any academic level. Organizing a schedule will allow the parents to plan their working day. And also will let children know when school-time begins or ends. Several studies show that children with the highest GPA are those who know better how to manage their schedules!

For creating a good schedule for your kids, there are many things to consider:

1. Try to make the same schedule as the children had when they went to school. It means the same time to wake up, have lunch, do homework at the usual time, etc.

2. See what schedule fits better for your child. Many times, they tend to be more concentrated and focused in the morning. If so, have them take the classes at that time.

2 – Create a space for Studying:

We know that children have a lot of imagination and are capable of being distracted by anything!

As a parent, our role is to control everything that causes them to be distracted during classes. Always be attentive that children don’t use social networks or play during class sessions. Keep electronic devices, their favorite toys, and things that can distract them away.

Try to create a quiet and organized place at home, ideal to see classes, which can keep your kids focused on and away from any distractions.

3 – Allow them to keep in touch with their friends and the outside:

Kids miss school and all that it entails; their teachers, their friends, play, and socialize. Don’t let education be only through a screen. Encourage your kids to practice some physical activity through games at least once a day and plan video conferences with their classmates. This will allow your child not to feel isolated. Believe us, it will help with their performance.

4 – Support them:

It is a complicated year for everyone, and the changes can be overwhelming many times. But we are sure that with all support that you will give your children, you will make their transition stage to virtual education more fun and that they can enjoy it and make the most of it.

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Advisory Message: Stay safe at home to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Together we can fight and overcome this pandemic period.