Critical thinking and comprehensive problem solving

Critical thinking and comprehensive problem solving are one of the most important, practical skills that a student can get out of education on a primary or elementary level. The learning that is required to garner and harness these skills is a fruit of the practical exercises of mathematics, encompassing the fields of statistics, geometry, calculus and algebra. Mathematics is a subject used since the beginning of human race to make the life easier, more subjective and to make informed, calculated division. It was mathematics that helped in making of almost everything from the first clock and the abacus to the great pyramids of Egypt and the space stations roaming around in space. It was mathematics that calculated the gravity that keeps us grounded as well as the amount of energy that is burned by exercise. Mathematics is everywhere. From counting sheep at bedtime to making the grocery budget, you can’t do anything without crunching the numbers. Mathematics is an integral -pun intended- part of your life without you even knowing it.

It is important for the young, flexible brains to get a hold of this subject as early as possible so that their practical applications may start easily and effortlessly. The sooner the kids start to apply the subject to the problem, the sooner it becomes a force of habit, a second nature. This also gives them a hefty grasp of the subject and an immense ease over the simpler functions used in day to day operations. Granted, it may be difficult for many kids as not everyone is born with an aptitude for the arithmetic. To counter that, our website aims to help the students struggling with their homework, assignments or exam in mathematics by providing them with essay-style, thoroughly explained, comprehensible solutions that explain the complex concepts with ease. Our website also provides formulas on various topics as well as explanation of the equations. Tips are also given to students for a better understanding and improved performance.

Tutorial videos for students give them a clearly explanation and hands on, visual exercise of how the logical operations and lengthy calculations are executed properly. After just one simple subscription, the students also get access to the various levels of testing that vary by the country and region. These levels are categorized by grade 1 through 6 and by class 1 to 6. The students can challenge their capabilities on their respective levels by solving problem, learning new theories and concepts and completing quizzes. The tips include the general study attitude suggestions as well as expert acumen about how to manage the course load effectively. The website is accessible via laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The material provided helps induce positive thinking and analytical conceptualization in students. With ease of access, the students are inclined towards positive thinking and actually working for the answer rather than copying off the internet or their peers. The technology powered, gadget friendly website also attract student that are heavily reliant on technology. With attractive graphics and bright, catchy colours; this website is a must-have for every student in grade 1 to 6.

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