AJT Practice Modules

AJT Learning Practice Modules

In AJT Learning, we have designed and programmed with what we believe is the best for the pupils. We offer membership whereby subscribers will be able to enjoy unlimited access to all levels of each subject.Mathematics topics for each level are completely covered in exam style formats volume series with concept and skill from the syllabus.

English and Science topics for each level give pupils a very good learning experience, in understanding about the world we live in and how everything are related to one another, with a strong command of language.

Not only will be able pupils acquired new skills, but they will also be exposed to even tougher and challenging questions which will extend and broaden their thinking limitation. Solutions will be shown in break down steps for them to digest and remember how to derive them.

No matter which part of the globe you are, we get you all covered.

New volume series for each levels will be released continuously from time to time, where pupils will be able to access them during their membership period.

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