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We provide a comprehensive educational subjects of Math, English and Science
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What we are Covering in Online Learning?

AJT Learning Online Solutions is simply for anyone. We help to build a strong education foundation for children and students from all around the world with our simple solutions.

Grade 1 to Grade 6 Maths Modules
Grade 1 to Grade 6 English Modules
Grade 1 to Grade 6 Science Modules
Exam and Semester Modules
Challenging Questions and Quiz
Problem Solving
Enhance Your Problem Solving Skills

AJT Online Learning

Teachers have been tasked with providing lesson plans and classroom activities as part of distance learning. Parents are trying to keep students on track with their studies and educational growth. We are here to help! This growing list offers a wealth of resources for all ages of students, parents, and teachers! 

The school year has just arrived, and if you are planning districts remote learning, in-person instruction, or a hybrid model, it is important to keep students inspired to learn. While becoming even more challenging, we must remember that learning is not confined to the classroom setting. Creating a home environment that helps children develop their literacy skills and academic growth.

AJT Environment

We have often seen as a “typical school day" as attending school in classroom instruction (with time for lunch, and a break in the early grades), around 09: 00-15: 00 Monday through Friday, with extra-curricular activities after school. Remote and hybrid learning would change what we considered to be a “normal school day." 

While rest and extra-curricular activities may not be part of the daily routine as we are accustomed, it is still important to keep the kids on a schedule. Let your young learner help you make the agreed timetable. Just like when teachers have their students to help them make their class rule, they are more likely to follow them, when children help their parents or guardians build schedules, they are more likely to adhere to it.

AJT Learning Strategies

AJT online learning school we helps children learn in a good learning environment, immersive developmentally appropriate. AJT learning teaches English, Math, and Science in a natural sequence the same as the children learn by themselves: listening and understanding, speaking, phonics and reading, and then write. Lessons include fascinating animated instructional displays, an expert teacher and children in a school environment internationally.

Along with thousands of interactive learning activities, including games, songs, puzzles, art activities, and books, organized into hundreds of lessons and structured learning paths. This online learning academy teaches children to understand and say more than 2,000 English words and phrases and solve Math problems and science queries. AJT learning will promote students' independent reading through the use of the best resources in-class digital learning.

With time AJT educators recommend establishing an appropriate learning environment and a destination for students and their families before launching into a detailed list of to-dos and daily activities. AJT online learning platform will allow students to practice their research skills and track their progress reading for the challenge. Because there is no physical materials are needed, it is easy for schools and libraries to distribute to students, and they're simple for parents to arrange at home.

AJT Outcomes

When you choose one of the English classes for children, in schools, our English, or online, your child will grow in confidence while learning the global language in the world. Our partner's expert teachers with parents to get the best out of every child – we see the same potential as you do. The program was created and focused on the education and psychological characteristics of children. We start simple and gradually make the program more complicated. At the same time, we control the process of education and continue to revise and improve the learning materials.


Online and classroom-based English, Math, and Science lessons for children improve self-esteem and help children develop core life skills. There are many activities for children in pre-kindergarten and kindergarteners and children up to grade 9. But for younger children, there are read together where children can watch an animated story and reading a book next to it. For younger children, the lessons are divided into day.

so that on the first day, children can learn about rabbits; on the second day, the children learn about the pants to watch stories, read books, learn about plants, and brushing up on vocabulary plant, the third day, for example, is about the life cycle of animals.


Verb and Noun
Grammar and Vocabulary
Cloze Passage
Language Command


Beautiful Illustration
Challenging Questions
Clear Explanations
Simple Solutions
Easy Understanding


Life Science
Physical Science
Earth Science
Multiple Choice Question
Open-Ended Question

AJT Membership

Problem Solving

Problem Solving in Mathematics involves conceptual thinking and applying the correct formulas and the right method in solving different types of problems.

Positive Thinking

Developing a Positive Thinking attitude towards all children is the key challenge and crucial in building the right skills to solve complex  educational problems.

Technology Power

Feel the power of Technology devices which increases the capability and knowledge in every child to think and solve maths problems independently.

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