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Problem Solving

Problem Solving in Mathematics involves conceptual thinking and applying the correct formulas and the right method in solving different types of problems.


Positive Thinking

Developing a Positive Thinking attitude towards all children is the key challenge and crucial in building the right skills to solve mathematics problems.


Technology Power

Feel the power of Modern Technology devices which will increase the capability, confidence and knowledge in every child to think and solve maths problems independently.

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Maths Online Solutions is the key to success in today’s blooming society. Our simple Solutions teaches you to solve problems to questions.


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AJT Learning Online Solutions is simply for anyone. We help to build a strong education foundation for children and students from all around the world with our simple solutions.

What We Are Covering?

  • Grade 1 to Grade 6 Maths Modules
  • Grade 1 to Grade 6 English Modules
  • Grade 1 to Grade 6 Science Modules
  • Exam and Semester Modules
  • Questions and Direct Solutions
  • Knowledge and Challenging Questions
  • Techniques and Problem Solving Skills

Our Maths Online Solution

  • Beautiful Illustration
  • Challenging Questions
  • Clear Explanations
  • Simple Solutions
  • Easy Understanding for All Ages

Our English Online Solution

  • Verb and Noun
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Cloze Passage
  • Command of Language

Our Science Online Solution

  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Multiple Choice Question
  • Open-Ended Question
Learn Maths, English and Science with AJT Learning

Online learning is fun with AJT Learning!

We are living in the era of technology and speed. Everything surrounding us is turning into digital then why we keep running back to the traditional learning methods? As a matter of fact, online learning has limitations but the benefits are numerous to overlook them. AJT Learning is one the best and reliable online learning portal that provides you with the bets of math, English and Science learning. If you are a student, a parent, a working professional or a tutor, you would be benefitted with the accurately designed learning modules for the subjects mentioned above.

Why would I get enrol for AJT online learning?

Going with the statistics and the data collected from recent surveys, online learning will become superior to conventional learning methods in the near future. Learning never stops and in alignment with this statement, people in their late forties are open to learn new things. However, family and professional commitment take up a huge chunk of their time. The chance of getting enrolled for an online course fills in the cracks. Moreover, one must keep learning something to support his career and expand a new horizon of opportunities. With AJT learning, students can learn and practice English and other important subjects.

Today’s generation is more tech savvy. Their increasing love towards technology can be used to make them more interested in academics. AJT learning has identified it and presented a whole new concept of online learning in an eloquent language and methodology. Online learning wipes out the limitation lies within the traditional learning methods. What’s more? Online is a sure fun. One can practice maths or take English learning courses designed in a user-friendly manner. Every subject is treated with utmost importance and interesting modules are created with ample space for online tests. Instant feedback is provided so that you can excel in the subject when the next time you appear for the test.

Children are the most difficult to handle when it comes to make them study the subject they hate. AJT Learning has come up with some interesting ideas to make learning fun. For example, many children hate maths or science because of the terms and theories of the subject are sometimes poses as the most difficult ones to understand. But AJT learning has created modules that make Science learning exciting and easier too. Further, kids can interact with the professors whenever they stumble upon some complicated part. Online access to the teaching faculty makes the whole process a lot easier for children to prepare the subject. And, these learning courses such as practice and learn English are not only designed for kids, parents and professionals can also take help of these courses to learn English language to get mastery over it.

If you are still not convinced with the ease and convenience offered by the AJT Learning, read on further to know what are the benefits these course have to offer you.

  • Highly convenient All students can come together for a quick online chat session in the common chat room where they can exchange the tips and get their queries solved by the experts and the fellow students. And it happened regardless of which corner of the city or state you are located at. This is the best thing about online learning. You can also share your experience you get while learning maths or learning English.
  • Better retention AJT Learning is known for its user-friendly interface and easy to understand online instructions that make it easier for students and parent access the online learning courses such as learn and practice Science. This is missing in the traditional learning methods.  Easy access to experts You can interact with your professors till the

    time you are in the school or college. However, AJT Learning allows you to communicate with the subject matter experts online. You can get your doubts cleared that arise while learning English or learning Science.

  • Updated information available at reasonable price AJT Learning has kept open a knowledge bank which will never disappoint you when you wish to learn and practice Science. Be it English learning or maths learning, you will get easy access to a huge database which helps you to learn the subject with ease. Textbooks also give you information but it is incomparable to the online learning modules.
  • Convenience and flexibility AJT Learning provides an ease to its students to plan out their study time as per their schedule. It is beneficial for professionals who enrolled themselves for learning English. These people can work in the daytime and choose the time slot in the night to learn and practice English as per their convenience. It seems flexible where the professional life doesn’t get hampered and one English learning stay intact.

AJT Learning has an enriched experience in the educational domains and has the best of the subject matter experts to make your Science learning or math learning fun and interesting. The online learning portal has a team of experts who are on their toes to solve your queries and clear your doubts you get in Match learning and English learning.

AJT Learning has a reputation to make difficult subjects easy to understand. Student retention ratio is also high. Testimonials by students and parent have uncovered that math learning, English learning has become easier with the well planned study material by the online educational portal. AJT Learning has been constantly striving to provide the best of the educational support to the students across the globe. The aim of the institute is to make Science learning, Math learning a fun experience for all students. Join hands in hands with us and take a step ahead to build a bright future with us.

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